Go: History does not repeat itself

IGF Go Competition

Similar to the first SportAccord World Mind Games in 2011, the Korean men's team was hard set by the spirited team from Chinese Taipei. However, they rescued victory from the jaws of defeat when Kim Jiseok came from behind to defeat Wang Yuan-jyun by a fraction of a stone.

Go players traditionally wear poker faces, but there was no mistaking the beaming smile worn by Park and the look of anguish displayed by Wang; who led throughout nearly the entire game. Meanwhile, despite some valiant resistance, the teams from China and Japan shut out the teams from North America and Europe. The women's individual competition saw four players from the Far East defeat opponents from Europe and Canada. 
To sum up:

Men's teams: China beat North America 3-0, Korea beat Chinese Taipei 2-1, Japan beat Europe 3-0.

Women's individual: Yu Zhiying beat Dina Burdakova, Chang Cheng-Ping beat Natalia Kovaleva, Oh Jeonga beat Sarah Jin Yu, Fujisawa Rina beat Svetlana Shikshina.

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